Modified 05 April 2017 by Ian Weatherhogg

Here’s a nice trick you can use to simplify and speed-up the sending of standard emails.

You may be aware of the Gmail Lab Canned Responses, which enables standard text to be quickly added as you compose a new Gmail message.

Here’s another nice trick you can use to simplify and speed-up the sending of standard emails.

Because everything in Google Apps is a URL (a web address/link) you can build custom URLs which trigger an action in a Google App.

See also: Use bookmarks to create new Google files 

This URL will generate a Compose New Email window:

from this you can add elements as outlined in the table below.

Note that to include spaces (e.g. for a Subject) you need to use the special characters: %20





adds to recipients



adds cc recipients



adds bcc recipients



adds the subject



adds text for the message body         



This builds to the link:,!&body=Hello%20to%20You%20all

Give it a try - but don’t actually send the message as those are not real email addresses.

However you can use this one to send us a Thank You!!&body=Hello,%20love%20this%20great%20tip!

Try constructing some of you own and testing them.

Once you know it’s working you can add it as a Chrome bookmark and have it available to use whenever it’s needed.