Modified 08 November 2019 by Vicki Rayner

Turn your workplace into a more productive space with simple polling for teams using Meet and Google Hangouts

Polls are great because they allow people to respond with minimal effort, making engagement more likely. So whether you’re wanting feedback on a product or service, collecting market research or just need to find out what cuisine your colleagues fancy, Polly will work a treat.

Here’s how to set Polly up in your group Chats:

  1. To start using polls in your chats you need to mention @Polly. The Polly bot will pop up and ask you to add Polly to the room.

  1. Or, you can click Invite People in an existing room. Just search for Polly in the list of people, and click Invite.

Once you’ve added Polly to the room, you should get this following Welcome message that indicates the Polly invitation was successful. Do note that if you want to use Polly in any room, you will first have to invite Polly to every room as needed before being able to create polls in that room.

To start a poll in Hangouts, type something like the following into the chat: @Polly "Your poll in quotes" "voting option 1" "voting option 2"

Press enter and Polly will do the rest.