Modified 20 May 2020 by Eugen Plesa

Yes, you read it right, Hangouts will soon be a distant memory and rumour has it, it is shutting down in June, making now a good time to start using Google Chat. Trust us, when it comes to group messaging, you will most definitely prefer Google Chat.

Here are the game changers…

  • You can create ‘Rooms’ for group messaging, where all your messages will be organised into threads. No more losing track of replies!
  • It has an integration with Meet, so you can jump on a video call with your team from your group messages (Rooms)
  • It has an integration with Drive, so you can quickly add links to files and share them within Chat
  • When you set your Out of Office it will notify people in Chat when they go to message you
  • It has ‘Bots’ (we recommend checking out the Drive and Meet bots)

You can find Chat in your G Suite apps menu and it will soon be available within Gmail as well.

Note: Chat doesn’t yet allow external messaging, but this will start to roll out on May 26th 2020.

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