Modified 07 March 2017 by Ian Weatherhogg


Check out the Hangouts Schedule Screen as featured by Chromebox for Meetings. Available for all Google Apps Users with a G+ profile.

The attractive Hangouts Schedule Screen as featured by Chromebox for Meetings is available for all Google Apps users with a Google+ profile.

When using Hangouts you may have come across the attractive schedule screen at the end of the hangout session. It shows your upcoming hangout appointments from your Google Apps Calendar.

The Schedule Screen has been seen in Google’s Chromebox for Meetings marketing materials.

The screen features stunning High Def photos from selected Google+ photographers, shows your upcoming Hangouts taken from your Google Calendar appointments and you can also easily access the settings.

You can get to the Hangouts Schedule Screen directly via the link: for example.

We suggest creating a Chrome Bookmark to give quick access.

Invoke a new Hangout via the + Box

  • Name the Hangout
  • Press Enter/Return
    - A new Hangout session will start which you can then invite named people to or
  • Options include:
    - Quiet invitation: won't ring and interrupt those logged in
    - Add Telephone: Call a phone number to conference somebody in by phone