Modified 07 March 2017 by Ian Weatherhogg

The User List in the Google Apps Control Panel can be customised to include users email addresses, status and more.

One of the features we most missed when switching from the old Google Control Panel to the new one was the amount of detail the old cpanel had when viewing users in a list. Admins can now add this detail back in to their list view using the steps below.

  • In the new cpanel Dashboard, click on Users
  • In the top right group of icons, the 3rd icon from the left shows 3 columns, click it
  • Choose which new columns you wish to add, you can choose from Email address; Total storage; Status; Drive usage
  • Click Apply - you will now always see the additional information you have chosen.

This is a great addition, it was always useful to see at a glance the users primary email address, which users were admins (status), and how much storage each user was allocated and using. If you are an admin, try it out now.