Modified 07 March 2017 by Ian Weatherhogg


Here’s a great tip for G Suite Admins which is easily overlooked.

The G Suite Toolbox is a collection of tools provided to Apps Admins to help investigate and solve problems and is located here.

We’ve provided a full list of all the tools available at the bottom of this tip and here we will highlight a couple of the tools you may find useful:

Check MX Tool

Check MX is an easy to use DNS validation tool which looks for common MX record misconfigurations which users often make.

Simply enter a domain into the query box and click the “Run checks!” button.

The tool checks for things like:

  • General DNS sanity checks
  • Do MX records for the domain match recommended set up
  • Do DNS responses fit into standard UDP response?

The Sent Message Troubleshooter

This tool helps admins and users troubleshoot sent message problems and is found under the “Other Tools” section.

The page is a walk-through a set of troubleshooting questions.

At each step instructions or further questions are provided to help narrow down the issue.

Here’s a list of all the tools available:

  • Browser debugger
  • DNS Verification tools
  • Analyzers
    -HAR Analyzer
    -Log Analyzer
  • Message Header Analyzer
  • Other debugging tools
    - Encode/Decode
    -Sent Message Troubleshooter
    - Message delay troubleshooter
    - Calendar problem troubleshooter
    -Flush Google Public DNS
    -Gmail 'Oops' error troubleshooter
    -Bounced Message Troubleshooter

There are good explanations and instructions for each tool on the website and the help pages.