Modified 10 September 2018 by Ian Weatherhogg

Treat whole folder structures and docs as a template - use for new projects, or just for copying a single folder structure

Have you ever needed to copy a folder structure and all files within it in Google Drive? Now you can using our new tool, Copy Folder. The Tool copies Google Drive folders including subfolders and files.


Simply select a folder in your Drive, choose a Destination and new folder name.

Copy Folder will copy the folder and all sub folders and files into the Destination you choose in Google Drive - each folder and file will be an exact copy.


The original individual sharing settings will be removed and the universal sharing will be inherited from the copied folder - so if your folder was private, your copied folder will be too. The tool does everything for you and is really useful for project folders, where new projects need to start off with a defined structure.


To get started click on the link below to access Copy Folder from Refractiv.

Open Copy Folder