Modified 10 September 2018 by Ian Weatherhogg

If you have a Google Doc that you want to embed on your site, but you want your visitors
to be able to step through pages without a long scroll, here’s how:

  1. create an OverDRIVE site (if you don’t already have one) using a folder containing the Google Doc
  2. open Page Settings
  3. switch to the Page Type tab
  4. set the View to Embedded
  5. tick the Paging option
  6. press Save

...your doc should now be showing one page at a time, with clickable page numbers at the top.

If you want to embed the OverDRIVE page into your Google Site, just copy the URL from your browser,
and optionally append this to the URL to use a simple template: ?template=minimal

You can see the example page below on our Intranet demo site.

Visit to find out more about OverDRIVE.