Modified 16 March 2017 by Ian Weatherhogg

Try SPARKLINE for Sheets: miniature charts in a single cell

Google have just introduced a great feature in Sheets: SPARKLINE

The SPARKLINE function allows you to create miniature charts within a single cell to rapidly provide an attractive visual representation of data and trends.

Google recently added the two new types - column and winloss - along with the existing line graph and bar chart.

Our example shows a sheet with some data (source Wikipedia) on human population by country and represents the trend in population growth/decline over the years 1990, 2008, 2025.

We show 3 types of SPARKLINE charts: line, bar & column.

The function codes for each are:


Bar:=SPARKLINE(C2:E2,{"charttype","bar"; "color1", "blue"; "color2", "red"})

Column:=SPARKLINE(C2:E2,{"charttype","column";"max",1500; "color", "orange"; "lowcolor", "blue"; "highcolor", "red"})

Here’s a link to a view only copy of our example sheet.

Use the “File” “Make a copy...” option to take a copy for yourself to have play with.

Google Blog announcement /  Help Center article