Modified 08 November 2019 by Vicki Rayner

Create impressive dashboards using these new Google Sheets features

Last month Google announced 3 new features to enhance reporting in Google Sheets

  1. Themes

Using themes, you can apply changes to the format of an entire spreadsheet. This will affect the following:

  • Text font and colour in the sheet, charts, and pivot tables
  • Chart background colour
  • Colour of series on charts
  • Pivot table background

To apply a theme, select Format > Theme and choose from a preset theme, or to create a custom theme, select Customise in the top right.

  1. Slicers

If you create a custom dashboard, you can add a slicer to filter your tables, charts, or pivot tables.

  1. Scorecard Charts

These can be useful to show KPIs, on your spreadsheet.

Now you can really show off in Sheets!

Guest tip by Jordan Hughes at CloudShed.