Modified 07 March 2017 by Ian Weatherhogg


The Explore function in sheets magically turns the data in your Google Sheets into charts and analysis

Google’s constant innovation continually provides Apps users with new ways to use and gain benefits from files and data.

The Sheets Explore function generates charts enabling insight and analysis on data for Sheets users who have little knowledge or confidence in using charts or just saving you some time making your own.

In the examples below we’ve used this handy demo sheet with some simple data: Example Spreadsheet

To access Explore, open a spreadsheet.

To work on a specific portion of your data you can select a range of cells. By default, Explore works on where your cursor is in the current worksheet.

  • In the bottom right, look for the Explore icon Explore.
  • When the icon is green you can click it to see recommendations and tips.
  • When the icon is grey, there is no analysis to see.
  • Charts and analysis will pop-up, showing trends and patterns in the data in your worksheet.
  • Hover over a chart to see which data in the spreadsheet is being used in that chart.
  • You can change the recommendations by selecting different areas of data in your worksheet.

To close the Explore panel, click the X in the top right corner.

To add a chart or formula into your spreadsheet

  • To add a chart or formula from the Explore panel into your worksheet you can it onto your spreadsheet.
  • Alternatively by clicking the Insert chart icon Insert chart.

Note: You must have edit permission on the file to be able to add a chart or formula to a spreadsheet.

Once a chart is added into your spreadsheet you can use the Advanced edit… option from the drop-down menu in the top right of the chart

Use the Example Spreadsheet and have a play!