Create, edit and collaborate better with these Google Sheets tips and tricks

Modified 04 February 2020 by Ian Weatherhogg

Google Spreadsheets are extremely powerful and convert very well from Excel, but they do have some limitations:

  • Up to 5 million cells for spreadsheets that are created in or converted to Google Sheets
  • 40,000 new rows at a time
  • Maximum number of columns of 18,278 columns
  • Number of Tabs: 200 sheets per workbook
  • GoogleFinance formulas: 1,000 GoogleFinance formulas
  • ImportRange formulas: 50 cross-workbook reference formulas
  • ImportData, ImportHtml, ImportFeed, or ImportXml formulas: 50 functions for external data
  • Maximum string length is 50,000 characters


For the latest information on Google Drive's supported file types and sizes, see Files you can store in Google Drive.