Create, edit and collaborate better with these Google Sheets tips and tricks

Modified 07 March 2017 by Ian Weatherhogg

Excel has a useful transpose feature when copying and pasting. Here's a tip to do the same in a Google spreadsheet.

Some features you may have used in Microsoft Excel are not immediately obvious in a Google spreadsheet, the team at gAppsTips are here to help you make the switch as painless as possible. Let's say you have a table that would look better if the row and column data was switched around, in Excel you would copy and paste choosing the transpose method but in a Google spreadsheet we can use a formula.

To transpose data from a table spanning cells A1 to E8 in a Google spreadsheet use the following method:

  • choose an appropriate cell that you want the data to start in eg A10
  • type in the following formula: =TRANSPOSE(A1:E8)
  • press enter to complete your formula
  • the table will be transposed into the appropriate span of cells for your table.

If you need to delete the old table from your spreadsheet, make sure you copy the new table and then choose Paste Special --> Paste values only - you can paste over the new table.If you don't do this, since our formula uses the data from your old table when you delete it there will be nothing to show in the new table.