Modified 05 April 2017 by Ian Weatherhogg

With this simple tip you can open a Sheet on a specific tab using a unique URL of an individual worksheet

Because in Google Apps everything is accessed via a web link we can use some clever tricks to access and share our Drive docs and sheets etc.

Previously we've shown you:

Use bookmarks to create new Google files

In this simple tip we use the unique URL of an individual worksheet in a Google Sheet to find a link directly to it.

Our Example Sheet is:

GAppsTips - Open a Sheet on a specific tab - Demo


and we can break down the URL into its constituent parts:

Standard first part:

Sheet Unique ID: 1CxZexDFlxHiUyfb4xbAcMFXvccpiSAftdrWf0pmmA1k

Worksheet ID: /edit#gid=0

If we select the second worksheet: Sheet2

We can see that the final part of the URL has changed to give us

Worksheet ID: /edit#gid=1183988251

Further to this, if you use Filter Views in your Sheet they also get a unique URL, adding a further part:

Filter View ID: &fvid=1287889739