Modified 07 March 2017 by Ian Weatherhogg

The new version of Google Sheets is currently on the Rapid Release track only but will be available to everyone by the end of April 2014, if you haven't tried it yet, use this tip.

1. Use this link...

If you are not on the Rapid Release track and don’t have access to new Sheets, fear not, we've made one publicly available below, just copy the sheet to your own Drive and you have a fully working new Sheet to test.

New Google Sheet.

2. Copy to...

At the moment there is no way to convert an existing Sheet to a new Sheet - but you can utilise the Copy to function to copy content to your new sheet, worksheet by worksheet. From within your original Sheet and with a new sheet pre-created, using one of the 3 options above:

  • Click on a worksheet tab (bottom of screen)
  • Select Copy to…
  • The ‘Select a spreadsheet to copy this worksheet into’ dialogue will pop-up and allow you to select your target new sheet
  • The contents of the original worksheet will be copied into the new Sheet, ready for you to work with.

Let us know what you think of new Google Sheets in the comments section below.