Create and collaborate better with Google Sites Tips 

Modified 15 June 2018 by Mark Williams

Use an OverDRIVE site for a better Drive folder embed in Google Sites

With Google Sites you can embed a Google Drive folder or individual files onto a web page but there is no way to sort, filter or preview the folder contents. Also when users click into the folder, a new tab is opened in their web browser, taking them to Google Drive and away from the site you want them to use.

With this tip you can use an OverDRIVE site to create an elegant, powerful folder embed and keep your users on the Google Site rather than sending them to Drive.

Step 1: Set up an OverDRIVE site

  • Right click on the Drive folder you wish to embed and choose Open with > Connect more apps
  • Search for OverDRIVE
  • Choose + Connect
  • Repeat the right click and now choose  Open with > OverDRIVE
  • Follow the steps to set up an OverDRIVE site

Step 2: Add the site as an iFrame on your Google Site

  • Insert > Embed
  • Paste the OverDRIVE site’s URL
  • Publish
  • Sit back and admire your handiwork!
  • Old sites
  • Insert > More gadgets
  • Click Public
  • Choose Include gadget (iframe)
  • In the URL to content box paste the URL of your new OverDRIVE site
  • Set Width to 100 percent

Step 3: Customise your site (optional)

We recommend you use the specially designed Minimal template when embedding your OverDRIVE site but you can choose any template you like.

TIP: If you have an OverDRIVE site which needs to be viewed normally as well as embedded within a Google Site you can edit the embed url to use the minimal template by adding ?template=minimal or any other template name) at the end.

Visit to find out more about OverDRIVE.