Modified 08 November 2019 by Ian Weatherhogg

The Q&A feature in Google Slides makes interacting with your audience easy

One of the biggest challenges when presenting is how to interact with your audience, especially when it’s an audience you don’t know. The latest feature in Google Slides solves this.

Google Slides now allows the presenter to solicit questions from the audience during the presentation. The presenter is able to see the questions as they are posted and audience members can vote up the questions to ensure the most important questions are highlighted.

So if you have a presentation coming up, here’s how you can encourage your audience to ask those important questions:

  • When presenting in Google Slides, click on the down arrow next to the Present button.
  • Select Presenter view - Use new audience Q&A view from the drop down
  • This will then open up the Presenter view, where you will be able to see Audience Tools and Speaker Notes.
  • Press Start New
  • A short URL is displayed as a header on the Slides presentation. This makes it easier for your audience to get to the question window. If the audience don’t want to put a name to their question, there is an option to post anonymously.

As the presenter you can see these questions using the short URL and also in the presenter view window.

If a question really catches your eye, you can share this question with the audience.

  • In your presenter view, you will see questions appearing in the Audience Tools, to share this with your audience simply press the present button. This question will display on your presentation. When you’re finished press hide, this will take you back to where you left off.

Engaging with your audience couldn't be easier.