Copy a Folder In Google Drive

Have you ever needed to copy a folder structure and all files within it in Google Drive? Now you can using our tool, Copy Folder.

This tool will make an exact copy of an existing Drive folder and its subfolders and optionally the files within those folders.

  • Creating folders and files is generally a slow process so if you are copying a large folder this can take some time, especially during office hours when Drive is busy.
  • Sharing permissions are removed in the Copy.
  • The default destination is My Drive but you can supply a destination folder if required.
  • Copied sub-folders and files will not have “Copy of” as a prefix, they are exact copies and use the name of the copied folder or file.
  • Drive “Locations” are honored - i.e. a file that exists in 2 locations within the parent folder will still exist in those locations in the Copy created.