Use this tool to add a prefix or suffix to the names of files and subfolders within a Drive folder

Filename Editor will add a prefix or suffix to all files and subfolders within a selected folder in Google Drive. 
To get started, choose a folder and your rename requirements and click “Preview” below. We will query your folders and files and display a summary of the activity the Editor will run through. Click “Go” to proceed with the renaming.

            Guidance notes

  • The tool has limitations due to the Google API and may return an error or skip files if you choose a folder with too many sub-folders or if Google returns an error we do not recognise.
  • If you have lots of files to rename, or encounter any skipped files simply run the task again or choose a lower level folder.

 If you want to do more with Filename Editor and gain access to the full set of Drive tools, 

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